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Organics with Medina and Lady Bug Brand Fertilizer
As of March 22, 2011

Hello! My name is Jimmy Rockett, co-owner of Rockett's Bug Juice Gardens, Inc. I have come up with a program for southern turf grasses and tree and shrub care using organic fertilizers rather than synthetics. The following is a base guideline on applying the products, discussing your ph and why that matters and how to figure your square footage. Please remember, I am not solely bent that we should be using all organics and never use synthetics. Rather, it all about balance. Using synthetics as needed and not just blindly applying anything harmful without regards to how it will affect our health and our castle, fortresses, that we call our homes, (big or small).Now, lets get ready to change the way we apply products to our yards. Are you ready to Rockett?!!?!?! Yippppppppeeeeeeeeee.
********be very consistent, mark on your calendar whenever you apply any chemical.

January/February Lady Bug Brand Fertilizer, (Turkey Poop) fertilizer - 1 bag per 5,800 square feet and Medina Hastgro, (soil activator) 2 ounce per thousand square feet, remember; do all areas, not just your turf. Remember, do you need pre-emerge?
March/April Repeat the above process.
June/July Core aerate your lawn, apply Lady Bug Brand and Hastagro . Possibly adding a small amount of synthetic, 34-0-0. Water in thoroughly. Dollar Spot fungus may begin to appear, this is your lawn telling you it needs more nitrogen. This is better than spraying a fungicide.
August/September Repeat the process, but no core aerating and if you have to apply pre-emerge begin in August/September for previous outbreaks of poe annua. Remember, be very consistent with pre-emerge. Mark your calendar for 6 weeks later on the pre-emerge. Apply the High Yield Pre emerge with Dimension if you had an outbreak of Poe Annua, If not the begin the pre emerge in the following month. And continue every six weeks until mid April.
October/November Repeat the January/February process.
December Take this time off from your yard and spend it with your family knowing you have done all you can do for your landscape to make it as healthy as you possibly can.

Now, here is some break downs of how to take care of your weeds, the skinny on Medina Hastagro and Lady Bug Brand Fertilizer and Ph and why it is important.

Weed control: The idea of pre-emerge is to prevent weeds from germinating, hence the pre word, sounds good but you need to have consistency when doing this, just like the use of organics. There are several factors that break down the role of pre-emerges. Foot traffic, your pets, heavy rains, snow, ice, mowing, etc, get the point. Also, timing, trying to catch weeds before they germinate. Waiting too long, then results the use of post emergence, hence the word post, spraying the weeds once they have germinated. Not to mention that while you apply the pre-emerge added with a glandular fertilizer, you will be adding a lot of salt(Sodium Chloride) to your yard, which in turn will lower your Ph, thus making the lawn turn off color, even yellow. And not knowing why it is yellow, you add more fertilizer, (salt) and this continues down a viscous road of tearing our turf roots down and not feeding the microorganisms. Bottom line, treat your weeds as you see them by spot spraying and being consist with the treatment.

You will have weeds; the bottom line is trying to minimize them. This can be done with getting your yard healthy and returning it back to the virgin soil it needs to be without the harsh leftovers of heavy metal and pesticide residues. Ph, potential hydrogen's, is a measure of where something needs to be starting with 0 (acid) to 7 (neutral) and 14 (alkaline). Zoysia, Bermuda and fescue need to be close to 6.7, while centipede and St. Augustine 5.5. Apply lime at the rate of 40 #per 1000 square feet. You get the square feet by measuring the length by the width. If you have curves or a nice flowing round lined yard, just try to get close. Do not beat yourself up trying to get exactly the right measurement, because using Lady Bug Brand and lime, you will not burn with it. Lime takes a while to raise the Ph but it can quickly leach from the soil. Once you are on the way of raising your Ph and by using the organic program, you stop the ph bounce.

Lady Bug Brand is poultry litter (turkey poop) in granulated formula. There is no other product like it in the Birmingham area that I am aware of. You see, the cow manure has no nutritional value. Sure, it is organic; it gets the microbes stirred up but does nothing else for your plant materials. The turkey poop has 8% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus and 2% potassium. When used in conjunction with Medina Hastgro, which has magnesium, iron and zinc and Humate. All organic to the plant material when applied at the right amount. I have seen this fertilizer make Zoysia grow into bare areas that pre-emerge was halting in as little as 30 days. Very impressive fertilizer.

Just look at the pictures of Bermuda grass being treated.


This turf was cut the same way, on the same day, by the same mower. Look at what organic fertilizer can do. And notice the lake; you do not need to worry about robbing the nitrogen out of the lake when applying the Lady Bug Brand/ Medina Hastgro as you would with synthetics.

Tree and Shrub Care

I use a rate of 6 or so ounces of Lady Bug to about a 3 foot to four foot high plant. A one gallon plant , about a shovel full of Lady Bug. If it is already planted, then add about 5 or 6 ounces and spread it out, do not clump it down into a small ant hill looking pile. For a 30' tall tree, I might tell you to take about 32 ounces and spread it on the ground. If your trees are located in the turf, then add about 32 ounces around the well of the tree along with the Lady Bug you have applied on the grass. With the Medina Hastagro, Apply at the 1 ounce per gallon to half an ounce per gallon. You do not need to drench the plant as rain fall or irrigation will take it on down. You cannot over feed with the products but at least twice a year is recommended.

Now, with all of this said, and you still want to use a chemical company to treat your weeds, then at least add the Lady Bug and Medina Hastagro to help neutralize the harsh effects of the salts and residues left behind. Remember, I am not against chemical fertilizers or insecticides/pesticides, but creating a balance, not pollution or soil terrorism. As far as I can remember, there has not been an organic fertilizer in the form of glandular form that could easily be spread with a spreader and could match that of synthetics until now. It works. It really works but most of all... it is the right thing to do. I can be reached for comments by email, jimmyrockett@att.net Have a wonderful day and remember, tighten up, git it done and have fun...

Email me, jimmyrockett@att.net or just go to the contact section of the site. We can do this together. I do get a lot of calls so you are not bothering me, ever. Please ask me. And lastly, this information is a basic guideline, but, at least now, you have something to follow and can get in touch with me for further questions.

Alkalizing and energizing,

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