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How Bug Juice Came To Be

Rockett's Bug Juice Gardens, formerly called GreenTech Inc, and has been servicing the Birmingham, Alabama community since 1991. We now specialize in Wines and in container gardening, unique pots, decorative iron and organically fed home grown perennials and annuals. Our staff, (Rockett, Danna or Karen) offers friendly, quality service that is sure to give you a smile while trying to pick that special Wine or gardening item. We love the name, but where did you get it? Well, you had to ask. Got a minute?!?
Here is the long version. Back in 1986, I was working for, formerly called, Aldridge's (a local garden center located at the base of Vulcan in Birmingham owned by my Momma and step father, Eddie), now, renown internationally, as Aldridge Gardens in Hoover, Alabama. While I was there, along came this beautiful, country girl named Danna, which was so in to flowers and gardening. We worked side by side, became good friends and July 16th, 1989 became husband and wife. In 1991, we started a landscape maintenance company called GreenTech, inc. and began growing our own flowers for ourselves and for retailers. We became well known horticulturists and one might say we were outstanding in our field, (just about everyday tending to our greenhouses and crops). Anyway, since the days of Aldridges, we had always dreamed of our own retail flower store just like Aldridges, you grow 'em and sell 'em at one location and get others into gardening with a smile. On June 1, 2004, we purchased a quaint country house with 2 acres of land with room to grow, yet retain that 'mom and pop' feeling, in a promising up and coming area. On July 1, 2004, we opened and have been growing since then. I know, what about the name? The name, where did it come from? Well, Danna and I are wine enthusiast and into organics. One night, while having a great glass of white, sparkling Italian wine called Bug Juice, it dawned on me, the name, Rockett's Bug Juice Gardens. Danna replied after I said it and said, 'You know, that is what our plants are, bug juice'.



And that's it, that's how the name came to pass. But not the dream. We are making new dreams, hence, selling wines. Wow, what a selection too. and more is to come with each passing month. Thank you to those who support a healthy lifestyle with healthy gardening.
If you have any questions or would like to speak with Rockett, Danna or Karen regarding our vast array of greenhouse grown flowers, please E-mail or call us at (205) 981-1151...