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Knock out Roses

Hey there! Rockett here. Here are before and after on Knock out Roses. I pruned very heavy but I do this because they had gotten large and not a great shape. When making cuts do not be bashful. Make all cuts at angles, not straight across, why? It looks better. Also, do not make all the cuts at the same place. Stair step the cuts. New growth will be emerging about an inch below every cut you make and if all the cuts are at the same place, all the new growth will be together. Not good. Do this in February on the severe cutting and just prune slightly the rest of the year. It is ok, if you forgot and need to cut severely in March or April.

Remember, by regular pruning, you can help to keep some diseases down. I know these are disease resistant but not disease proof. Feed with Lady Bug Brand Organic (turkey poop) fertilizer after you prune and the liquid Hastagro. Both are awesome and they work. Use Fertilomes Tree and Shrub insect control in April to help prevent select insects. Only one Application is necessary for the year, wow, I know I said that too.

Please call me if you need to, 205-981-1151 or email me, rockett@rockettsbugjuicegardens.com Ok, Happy pruning and I would wear gloves. Ouch, they bite.

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