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Positive Stories

I Get it

It was Christmas time and cold. Jack was looking out the den window and was thinking, 'this is going to be a great night to cuddle up in front of the fireplace and read that new book I just bought.' His wife came in the room and asked if he was going with her and the grandchildren to the Christmas nightly service at their church. He shrugged his shoulders and said he wanted to stay home and read and that she could go without him.

Now, Jack heard of God, said he believed in him and attended church often and helped out when he could but just saw need to get out on such a cold night for Christmas service when the grandchildren were going with her. They left, he got the fire going, got it just like he liked it, got a throw and got that new book.

Sometime into the book, he heard a tapping at the window. First he ignored it, then, after hearing it more, got up and peered out the window. There on the ground there must have been a hundred little birds. He thought they were attracted by the light and because it was cold, maybe wanted in? He did not know, but returned to his chair to continue reading . He then noticed that it had begun to rain, and thinking to himself, 'good thing I stayed in tonight, it looks like a real mess out there.'

Then he began to hear the tapping again. 'Again' he thought, he got up and was amazed, there were more birds, some on the window sill and mostly on the ground. He thought, 'well, I could go open the barn doors.' 'It is warmer in there and it is big enough for them to fly in and get up on the rafters or whereever.' So, he got his coat and boots and went out to the big barn, turned on some light, not too bright to scare them off but enough that maybe they would see the big doors open. He went to where they were outside the window and began to try to 'shoo' them in the direction of the barn. Nothing. They flew around but stayed right where they began. Now, the wind picked up and the rain turned to snow, and it really began to snow.

After trying more tactics to get them toward the barn, he thought, ' maybe some bread crumbs would work. I could make a trail to the barn and maybe if they got close enough to the doors, they would go on in.' The snow was really covering the ground at this point and he was hoping this would work so he could get back in, he was getting cold. To no avail, the birds just kept flying around and would not follow him no matter what he tried. He thought, 'crazy birds', 'But I guess I see their point, I must look like a monster to them what with the hat, big overcoat and boots but I just want them to go to the light where it is better for them on a night like this.'

Then he thought, 'you know, if there was only some way I could look like them, then I bet they would follow me to a better place, a safer place.' And it was at that very moment... Jack dropped to his knees and tears begin to flow down his rosy cold cheeks. He looked up to the heavens and said "God, I get it. I get it. This is what you had to do for us to get us to a better place, a safer place, you sent your only son Jesus to lead us to your place because we could not understand until one of our own could lead us." He got up, went into the house, got cleaned up as fast as he could so he could hurry to be with his family and the Christmas service. Its funny as he was going to the church how God can use something as simple as birds to help him get to the light. Wow!

Man, I just love this story. Thank you God! Have a wonderful day! Rockett too blessed to stressed.