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Positive Stories

A Daddy Thing
Hey there! Rockett here. I am a daddy to twin daughters that are 17, man, and what awesome girls they are. Thru my eyes, they truly are made in the image and likeness of God. (and of course they do have my good looks, haha) Awesome girls. I am reading 1st corinthians and it is actually interesting to read, ( I read the book of psalms and it seems to take forever and I was a litlle lost sometimes), anyway, my girls are out with their friends for dinner and a movie. While I am driving home from Bug Juice Land, (sorry, in case you say, 'what is Bug Juice Land?' you can go to my site, www.rockettsbugjuicegardens.com ) ok, anyway, I am going over with God about my day and how thankful I am for being too blessed to be stressed and thought of my girls.
Decided to call them and just tell them about my Bible reading, not really thinking that they are out and about. So the conversation goes into simple stuff like what cha' doin', we are eating, 'where you at', Don PEPEs, 'ya'll having fun?', yes, of course, then I said, I am reading 1st Corinthians and it is pretty interesting', and she says, 'really, whats it saying, tell me about it'.
Did you read that, I know, read it again, I was shocked, 'really, what's it saying, tell me about it'.................WoW! How cool beans is it that ,my daughter, while out with her friends, wants to talk 'shop' on the Bible. Man, I am too blessed to be stressed.
You know, sometimes when I think I am doing more 'preaching' than talking to my girls, not knowing if anything is sinking in and trying to be a daddy, a husband, a friend, a son, an employer and trying to do the best I can be for God, do you really ever know when you have done any of those things right?
Well, When her reply came across with 'tell me about', I think I am doing just fine. My sweet wife upon hearing of my 'great ' story, was, like, 'so, what's unusual about that, they always talk like that.' But I think its cool. So for now, I am going to keep on being the 'pack leader' that I have been.
Just thought ya'll may want to read my happy story. Have a wonderful day!
Alkalizing and Energizing
and too blessed to be stressed. (I like to rhyme, I do it all the time)