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"How To" Videos & More

For the beginner to the seasoned pro - our videos will help you learn and understand every-
thing you need to know about gardening. Below is a sample of our video library. If you need more information please contact us.



Knock Out Roses

Knock Out Roses could easily be considered the best landscape rose of the past 50 years! The disease resistant series of Knock Out Roses have taken the world by storm. Rockett tells us all about caring for knock out roses.
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Stone Stepway

Contoured to the shape of the curving hillside, this beautiful stone stepway is a great alternative to poured concrete stairs that maintain a flowing, natural look.

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Building a Rock Edge

Watch this video to learn how to create a rock edge border around your flowers or trees. Get tips on applying mortar, and how to allow for proper drainage.

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Building a Rock Wall

Do you have an area on your lawn with a slight slope that looks kind of drab? Anyone can build a rock wall. It just takes a little time and effort. Watch our video to find out how!

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Have green grass all winter long! Learn the ins and outs of winter over-seeding. Rockett tells you how to plant, fertilize, water, mow, and more.

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Organic Fertilizer

Flowers, and all other plants need plenty of good food to grow healthy and strong. We have come up with a program for southern turf grasses and tree and shrub care using organic fertilizers rather than synthetics.

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Fall Planter

Nothing will make your patio, balcony, or front porch look more dismal than containers filled with faded or dying plants. Now is the appropriate time to remove the summer annuals from their containers...

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EZ-Pot Plants

Learn valuable tips about potting plants. What heights and colors work together, what size pot to use, and much, much more.

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EZ-Care Plants

Learn how to have a long-lasting EZ Care garden season. From grasses to begonias, from sun to shade, this video is the perfect guide to a beautiful, stress-free flower garden.

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Hydrangea Cuttings

One of the easier plants to propagate is a hydrangea from stem cuttings. At the end of the summer you can take cuttings from the plants that have been in your garden over the summer to produce plants for use next year.

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How to Make a Fountain

A fountain is a low-cost item that can reduce stress in our rushed and highly technological world. You can reconnect with nature, and beautify the environment.

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Growing Thicker Magnolias

Do you want thicker, more vibrant magnolias. Watch our video for the secret to growing beautiful, thick magnolias!

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